School Information

About Abeno Japanese Language School

Abeno Japanese Language School was opened in 2019. Currently, this school is designated as a “TEKISEIKO” by the Ministry of Justice. Our school not only teaches the Japanese language but also Japanese culture, natural features, etc. In addition, we always make the value of multicultural understanding and ethnic coexistence.

Abeno Japanese Language School aims to acquire essential Japanese language for entering higher education, employment, and life. In order for foreigners to realize their dreams in Japan, a Japanese language proficiency certificate is required. Therefore, Abeno Japanese Language School is focusing on exam preparation which helps to pass more and more students in the exam of JLPT and step up to the next level.

Abeno Japanese Language School is located in Osaka, Japan’s largest commercial city.
In 2025, the “Japan International Exposition” (Osaka-Kansai Expo) will be held.
Located along the Midosuji subway line, students can travel to Namba and Tennoji by bicycle.

About Course

 Higher Education 2 Years Course(Admission in April/Achievement level: JLPT N2 to N1 level)

Higher Education 1Year and 6 Months Course(Admission in October/Achievement level: JLPT N3 to N2 level)


Students can learn the four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) in a systematic and well-balanced manner. It helps not only for Japanese daily conversation, but also for entering university or graduate school, finding employment, and obtaining qualifications, as well as acquiring Japanese language skills which are useful in all situations.

Founder ⇒ TSC Co., Ltd.                                     Principal      ⇒ Shigemitsu     Kayoko                         Head of Teacher    ⇒ Miwako Kurokawa