Admission Guideline

Admission procedure

About School Fees

Regarding the payment system of Invoice bill, we will be announced you later. And please transfer the payment by the designated deadline.。

When you transfer the payment of the Invoice bill, please follow the guidance of your school or corporation.

(Note: The consumption tax has been 10% from October 2019.)

1.Payment Amount


Entrance Fees

After one         year

 (For Six Months)

After One and Half Years later

 (For Six Months)

                                          Selection Fee




                                          Enrollment Fee




                                          Tuition Fee




                                          Teaching Materials Fee




                                          Corona Fund




                                                                              Total Amount












                                                                  One and Half Year Course


                                                                  Two Year Course


  1. (NOTE)
  1. ♡ The cost of teaching materials includes the JLPT examination fee, textbook fee, and event fee etc.
  1. ♡ All the above price has been added 10% of  the consumption tax .
  1. ♡ This time  We will provide a Corona Fund of ¥ 50,000 to all the applicants.
  2. ♡ At the time of billing, we will send you the invoice after adding 6-months dormitory fee, etc in the above total amount.

2.About Studying Materials

Regarding teaching materials Fees, there has been also included Japanese Language Proficiency exam fee for 2 times in the course of 2 years and 1 time in the course of 1 year and 6 months.


3.Address for Bank transfer



Branch Name:  Abenobashi                             

Bank Address:  1-5-38 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 545-0052, Japan

Branch Code  :  516 

Bank Account : 2270194

Account Name: TSC Corporation

Account Holder Address: TSC Shinpoin Building 2F, 12-4 Shinpoincho, Tennoji Ward, Osaka-shi, Osaka,543-0041,Japan 

(If you are unable to come to Japan due to any reasons regarding entry visa to Japan, we will refund the tuition fee and  other deposits amount after deducting the entrance fee and selection fee. At that time, the transfer service fee also have to bear  by the applicant.)